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CPT Exam Preparation Course

Prepare for the ACSM-CPT exam with this convenient, online course. Learn and study at your own pace with audio and PowerPoint presentations. The course includes access to 6 modules that cover:

  • Module 1 – Personal Training Terminology, Applied Anatomy, and Basic Biomechanics
  • Module 2 – Principles of Nutrition and Dietary Recommendations
  • Module 3 – Consultation and Preparation Health Screening
  • Module 4 – Exercise Testing Overview
  • Module 5 – Introduction to Program Design
  • Module 6 – Personal Training: The Scope, Role and Growth of the Profession

Each module remediates to the exam preparation materials, so you know what resources to go to if you need additional information.

Recommended ReadingACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer and ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  1. Describe the introductory science principles (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition) and commonly used terminology within the personal training field.
    1. Bloom's Taxonomy: Level 1 – Knowledge
    2. Course Evidence: Module 1 & Module 2
  2. Explain standardized assessments and collected data (medical history, activity level, physical performance) that are used as baseline information for evidence-based exercise prescription.
    1. Bloom's Taxonomy: Level 2 – Comprehension
    2. Course Evidence: Module 3 & Module 4
  3. Prepare evidence-based exercise prescriptions for healthy, special (children, older adults, pregnancy), and clinical (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, overweight & obesity) populations.
    1. Bloom's Taxonomy: Level 3 – Application
    2. Course Evidence: Module 5
  4. Describe theories of behavior change and how they could be implemented throughout an exercise prescription to promote exercise adherence.
    1. Bloom's Taxonomy: Level 1 – Knowledge
    2. Course Evidence: Module 3
  5. Describe the legal and ethical considerations of the personal training field.
    1. Bloom's Taxonomy: Level 1 - Knowledge
    2. Course Evidence: Module 6 

Note to candidates:

  • This course includes audio and PowerPoints, a corresponding online quiz, and a course evaluation.

  • Course costs do not include the cost of the exam or study materials

  • Additional study will be required for achieving ACSM certification.

  • All course content will be presented to you electronically upon completion of your purchase. This includes all viewing and reading material, quizzes, and certificates (certificates awarded upon successful completion of the quizzes).

  • No substitutions will be allowed for this CEC course. CEC or prep course only. This course is not an ACSM certification. Review ACSM-CPT information.

  • You can earn ACSM CECs for attending; however, these CECs can only be used for existing certifications.

  • For questions related to your online CEC courses or purchases, please email onlinelearning@acsm.org.

    Available Course Credits

    ACSM 9.00 (Online Modules)