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ACSM's Sports Medicine Bulletin

Sports Medicine Bulletin (SMB) is a weekly news and information resource from the American College of Sports Medicine. 

SMB features include:

  • Active Voice
  • Science Spotlight
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  • ACSM happenings 

Recent news from SMB 

As ACSM's weekly news and information resource, SMB aims to to call attention to key information pertaining to all members. ACSM published a call to action statement addressing COVID-19 and safely returning to sports and exercise. Authored by ACSM subject matter experts, the statement highlights the current science around COVID-19 and provides 12 action steps to consider. “COVID-19: Considerations for Sports and Physical Activity” is ACSM’s first call to action statement and was published in the August 2020 issue of Current Sports Medicine Reports.

“ACSM has a long-standing history of translating science around sport and physical activity into practice,” said author and ACSM Past President Thomas M. Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM. “To date, most guidelines around COVID-19 and return to sport and physical activity have focused on high-level athletes. We use this statement to address gaps for the average healthy person to return to physical activity following a period of inactivity.”

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