ACSM Zoom Backgrounds

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ACSM Zoom Backgrounds

Apr 29, 2020
Now available: ACSM-branded Zoom backgrounds to use for virtual teaching, client or patient appointments, presentations and more! 

If you use an ACSM Zoom background, snap a pic and share on social media with #ACSM!

How to set a virtual background in Zoom

  1. Click to open the photo you want to use and save the full size image. Do not right click to save the thumbnail image on this page. 
  2. In Zoom, click the upward arrow, next to the Stop Video icon. 
  3. Select Choose Virtual Background.
  4. Click the + in the top right corner and select the photo.
  5. Check the Mirror my video box. The image will look backwards to you but will appear normal to the person viewing your video feed.
ACSM Zoom background_ACSM white ACSM Zoom background_ACSM Blue ACSM Zoom background_ACSM Blue Pattern 1
ACSM Zoom background_ACSM Blue Pattern2 ACSM Zoom background_physicianACSM Zoom background_Certification whiteACSM Zoom background_Certification blueACSM Zoom background_Certification gym ACSM Zoom background_Certification fitness studio
ACSM Zoom background_American Fitness Index ACSM Zoom background_Exercise is Medicine ACSM Zoom background-EIM step repeat